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Connected by Doing

Humans are born makers.

We take up for fun the skills and crafts that were once necessities for life.

In our own homes we practice our craft.

But work was meant to be social.

And it is the perfect bridge between neighbors

You don't need a movement, a club or meetings.  Just the courage to find one person nearby to share your hobby with.

Or to share the fruits of your labor with.

Villaging creates a community of people sharing how to make this work.

Talking over Coffee

Your neighborhood as a Village

What if you could walk down the street of your neighborhood and stop off for a loaf of fresh baked bread? Roll your bike over to work on a tune-up? Join neighbors in growing some veggies?  And along the way neighbors greeted each other by name?

You might think you would have to move to co-housing, an eco-village, or a cobble stone paved village in Europe.

But you can create the same connections in your own neighborhood.  One at a time. On a small scale, but with big impact- to you.

Woman Working in Garden


Villaging replaces long, brittle supply chains with relationships and resources  you can walk to.


Homesteading in pairs and quads, sharing resources and support.


Growing food, dealing with power outages, creating wild spaces, is easier together.

Grape Vine over Wooden Door

Take Part

We are building the resources to make it easier to take that first step outside your castle walls.

Join us in Imaging your neighborhood as a village, sharing stories of how to make it work, and connecting to resources.


Small acts of courage and connection grow into networks of support and resilience


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